Universally Speaking offers up a complete end-to-end QA service solution.

We have been testing games for over 16 years and as such have played a major part in the evolution of the sector.

Driven by our passion for games, the games sector, and the honing of our processes, we make a point each and every day to provide the best, most personable and seamless testing solution.

Our QA teams work with and support studios from all over the world. From one-man bands in Canada, to the up-and-coming studios of Europe, all the way through to global leaders the likes of Tencent, Microsoft, and Sony.

Our teams have experience in full project and studio development, management, and production. Our teams work across all platforms and devices; we have been a full-service solution for the most iconic studios, franchises, and titles throughout the history of the gaming industry.

Our sector, platform, and genre-specific teams are recruited from the industry, ensuring your games are tested by the most experienced and knowledgeable teams the sector has to offer.

  Functionality QA

  • Bug reporting, regression & hosting
  • Test plan creation & hosting
  • User feedback
  • Usability testing


Compatibility QA

  • Across all platforms & browsers
  • Across all OS versions
  • Across all hardware & software


Compliance / Certification QA

  • Oculus VRC guidelines
  • Sony, Microsoft & Nintendo guidelines
  • Apple & Android guidelines
  • All other guidelines


Localization QA

  • Spelling & grammar checks
  • Context & culturalization checks
  • Implementation testing



Feedback makes all the difference!

At Universally Speaking, we’re composed of all kinds of players who love all kinds of games – from hardcore competitive shooters to casual mobile experiences, and everything in between.

Your games will be playtested on our secure campus (security vetted by Sony, Microsoft, Nintendo, and Oculus) where we maintain the utmost standards on confidentiality. We can also use the data collated from the feedback of these playtests to produce a stylised internal review, like what you’d read at launch.

We offer complete, scalable playtesting solutions and extensive, honest feedback to help make your games the best they can be.



Universally Speaking is a complete end-to-end localization studio. We translate into any language.

Quality is our focus, which we ensure through our use of native, in-countrygame-centric linguists.

To us, localization is about more than just translation. It’s about providing full narrative immersion for your players. By being culturalization-focused, we communicate the essence of a narrative so that it is emotionally accessible on an international scale – removing geopolitical and cultural blockers, understanding user demographics and intersectional issues.

It is our passion for games that our partners love about us. Sharing that passion enables us to fully integrate into their workflow and process, our in-depth industry knowledge providing them with customized solutions to suit their needs.



  • Translation & Review
  • Audit
  • Editing


Linguistic Quality Assurance

  • Linguistic accuracy
  • Visual display clarity
  • Terminology compliance
  • Linguistic contextualization
  • Linguistic readability & clarity
  • Cultural & regional-specific requirements
  • Text-to-Speech consistency & syncing


App Store Optimization

  • Linguistic optimization
  • Key word visibility research


Linguistic Adaptation

  • Culturalization consultancy


Creative Writing

  • Marketing
  • Copywriting
  • Transcreation




Universally Speaking collaborates with the world’s largest interactive entertainment companies. Handling complex and multifaceted audio projects on titles that shape the future of the industry. We are forging all new audio experiences with our clients and are loving every (time-coded) second.

  • Native Dubbing & Voice Over
  • Script review & transcription
  • Subtitle sync & adaptation
  • Soundtrack production & editing
  • Pre & post-production effects
  • Worldwide talent casting
  • Full voice direction


Alternate Reality / Virtual Reality

Our XR Labs are custom-built and state-of-the-art to facilitate our partnership with some of the leading studios in innovation for XR technology, such as Oculus. We are fully-loaded with all the latest gear.

We move seamlessly between the realms of Augmented and Virtual Reality catering to any and all XR projects.

Our dedicated XR technicians are experts in their field. We create bespoke processes for all our XR projects and cater our services to any platform or product.

From full immersion assessments to motion sickness categorisation and nullification, we provide you with the seamless interactive experience you want to pass onto your users.


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