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Would you like to know more?

  Would you like to know more?  



Localisation Co-ordinator, Codemasters

I have always been impressed with the speed and efficiency provided by Universally Speaking, no matter how tight the deadline they are given, the translations are always high quality and well received.

It is always a pleasure working with Universally Speaking and they are ready and willing to help with any last minute changes or additions, no hassles and no fuss, professional and accommodating right the way through a project.


I would like to take the opportunity of thanking you for all your support and wonderful work.

You have truly been amazing, especially with some of the tight deadlines given, and I am very
grateful to have worked with such a super-efficient and friendly team.

Localisation Manager, SEGA

Just wanted to send a quick email to let you know that Universally Speaking has sorted out our request and to mention how brilliant they are. Superquick and efficient. I just thought the least I could do is say “thank you very much!

Associate Producer, Capcom

I’ve worked with Universally Speaking on multiple projects – most recently on DmC Devil May Cry for all SKUs – and would definitely recommend their services for a solution to localisation needs. What impresses me most about Universally Speaking is their flexibility and dedication to customer service.  Universally Speaking has the ability to ramp up and down very quickly to meet changing project needs and deadlines – not once in the localization work on DmC Devil May Cry did they falter in adapting to the creative needs of the project.  In that way, working with Universally Speaking felt more like working with an extension of the development team than an outsourced solution – their dedication to and enthusiasm for the project was always clear.  And despite a significant time zone difference (I’m in California), communication was never an issue as someone from Universally Speaking would always make themselves available at times that worked for me.  As the AP responsible for the localisation, I am thankful to have had Universally Speaking on my side.

Producer, Curve Studios

Universally Speaking have been working to provide us with high-quality translations across multiple projects for over a year now. They’ve been consistent with quick turnaround times and flexibility when the scope of a project has changed or translated text has needed tweaks and adjustments. They’re a polite and friendly team to work with, and passionate about what they do, always taking care to understand the context and nuances of the game story and world before finalising their work. Their QA team are similarly speedy, professional and a pleasure to work with. Highly recommended!


Universally Speaking have never failed to provide a timely, friendly and high quality service. We are very happy to continue our relationship with them, and would recommend them to anyone looking for bespoke and flexible translation work, with a smile. 🙂

Developer Relations / Project Coordinator, Rising Star Games

Working at a games publisher that localises a lot of its titles, we’re always inundated with choice for who to use for the work. We use Universally Speaking regularly, but not because it’s easy to stick with what you know; we do it because we know we’ll get high quality translations and QA, with a price that makes sense. They work quickly, deliver on time and always give excellent support when changes are needed.

Release Manager, Next Games

In the fast moving games industry it is important to have a flexible localization partner that can provide good quality on (often ridiculously) strict deadlines. Universally Speaking has quick delivery, excellent support, good quality and very reasonable pricing all in the same friendly package.

Director, Studio CO2

Universally Speaking always deliver excellent service, accurate and relevant localization and are an excellent partner service to our busy studio. On top of that, they are a real pleasure to work with!