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About Us


We provide localisation and QA solutions to the digital entertainment industry.

We help to realise the commercial potential of our clients’ products.


Our business is built upon our reputation for quality. Over the last 10 years we have developed standardised processes to ensure quality in everything we do. We have received industry recognition, have long-term relationships with our clients and continuously receive new business from client referrals.


Our staff are leading experts in the localisation and QA fields. We have completed thousands of projects within the digital entertainment industry, including some of the biggest selling games of all time. Our project teams are custom built to match specific project needs.


Our teams are enthusiastic and passionate about our services and client products. We will always go the extra mile to meet our clients’ needs, as their success is ours.


Universally Speaking have approximately 10 years of valued experience that is portrayed clearly through being fully recognised and established within the interactive entertainment industry. As a company, we have expanded from a small team to a large dedicated team and have increased the value in our knowledge ten-fold. We don’t localise for the sake of it; we believe that it is essential to provide quality, territory relevant translations and thoroughly test any product to ensure the best user experience.

We have worked across all platforms, and games ranging from massive AAA titles to smaller budget titles. Our extensive history and knowledge ensures we provide tailored support, advice and services that are of the highest quality.

Our client list is impressive and boasts companies such as Amazon, Warner Bros, EA, Konami, Square Enix and Capcom amongst others.



Dominating the world games industry for localisation and QA whilst the mobile industry evolved, Universally Speaking naturally became the go to company for app translation and bug testing. To not digress nor dilute our expertise in gaming, Universally Speaking set up a sister company, Universally Apps, to provide specialist mobile solutions for testing, translation and app development.

With resounding knowledge from a mobile app specialist team, Universally Apps are taking the mobile industry by storm: www.universallyapps.com

Combining services such as app development from concept through to delivery, along with translation and full testing solutions, Universally Apps are the go to company for competitive mobile app services.

Universally Apps: app translation, bug testing and app development


Vickie Peggs


Tim Horton

Business Development Manager

Sarah Pownall

Finance Manager

James Cubitt

QA Manager

Idalina Taylor

Localisation Manager

Claire Burgess

Project Management Team Lead